I'm Back!

It feels good to be writing about food again! But before that, I guess I should explain where the hell I've been for the last 8 months.

My last blog post was way back in February. In March I started low-carb dieting like a crazy person and stopped cooking or eating anything fun. I told myself I'd give myself a month, then start cooking more regular food and posting again. I continued to low-carb myself into boredom through April, then gave up all together and just started counting calories again.

Eventually we got to early May...the most exciting month on record of 2012 up to this point. Josh proposed! It was a perfect proposal here on this bridge (we returned to take engagement pictures).

So, through the summer and today, I am planning a wedding. And working out like a lunatic.

In August we bought a house, which is right up there with getting engaged in terms of excitement and distraction and endless to-do lists. My kitchen had zero purple elements for a while, but that was one of my first projects. I now have a purple island and built-in pantry.

In September, there was a slew of bad news, a death, and general sadness. I also turned 29.

Suffice it to say that for the better part of the year, not a whole lot of cooking had been going on, and when it happened, it was unimpressive. I was buying a lot of frozen items for dinners and liking it.

But now I'm out of the honeymoon phase with the new house, and though I'm still planning the wedding, all the big stuff is behind me. It's time for me to start cooking again and posting again, if only for the fact that I need my arsenal of "stuff I've cooked" to refer back to on those nights I can't come up with dinner ideas. My  house also has a tremendous amount of natural light, which means no more shooting food pictures in front of my barely-opened apartment door, light filtered through a filthy screen door, and I'm inspired to improve my photography.

Also, not that anybody remembers (I didn't until I re-read some of my old posts), but I challenged myself to complete a 30x30 list last September, and now I have 11 months to complete it!

I'll have my first recipe in ages up next week!