My Food Philosophy

It is my belief that almost anything can be altered to suit the whole foods lifestyle. Eating "whole foods" doesn't mean expensive or tasteless organics, nor does it mean tofu or soy. Items - fun items - you'd never dream of making at home taste exponentially better out of your own kitchen, without preservatives, flowing agents, thickeners or dyes. With a little research and patience, you may find there's no need to buy packaged hummus, marshmallows, chocolate syrup or pie filling if you have the ability to make your own - and make them better!

To put it simply, I don't cook with processed junk. Instead, front and center are aggressively seasoned vegetables, meats, cheeses, dairy, fruits, legumes and whole grains. There may be Twinkies in my pantry, but you'll never see a recipe on this blog containing cream of anything soup or Velveeta. Even though a lot of work may go into it, I never lose sight of the fact that just as life is meant to be lived, food is meant to be enjoyed.

Eat well and be well,