Hello! I'm Vicki.

And this is my purple kitchen.

In September of 2009, my boyfriend and I took on a huge remodeling project, in which we would take a mostly-unfinished basement and turn it into our home: a place to build our life together, entertain friends, and do a lot of cooking.

And inevitably, to do a lot of dishes.

But I digress. The important thing, of course, is what comes out of this purple kitchen! I love to experiment. I wait anxiously for the reaction on people’s faces after they take their first bite, and keep that in mind while I’m cooking. I always say I got really lucky as far as my culinary influences are concerned: I’m of Italian and Spanish descent, both my parents loved to cook, I grew up in Texas, I spent some time in New England during college (I kick myself daily for having graduated from a school famous for its culinary arts program but majoring in something else), and now I live in the deep South. My tastes are far-reaching and I’ll try anything once.

That said, my favorites will always be cheesy, garlicky, and/or creamy, and lately I’m loving the spicy/sweet combo. My food, much like my kitchen, is always fun, never stuffy, and frequently crowd-pleasing. My boyfriend has a finicky 9-year-old, so I’m still working on kid-pleasing...

…which is quite the challenge in and of itself.

Come join me in my purple kitchen!