About My Purple Kitchen

Hello! I’m Vicki.

And this is my purple kitchen.

Last September, my boyfriend and I took on a huge remodeling project, in which we would take a mostly-unfinished basement and turn it into our home: a place to build our life together, entertain friends, and do a lot of cooking.

And inevitably, to do a lot of dishes.

Our vision for the place included lots of bright colors and fun prints, while at the same time, keeping a bit of sophistication and the sense that the apartment is inhabited by adults. Stuffy or minimal was never part of the plan, but it may attest to how wonderful my boyfriend is that he willingly accepted my vision of a purple kitchen, and even painstakingly mixed different cans of purple paints together for me to arrive at the perfect purple: a dusty, smoky, grown-up crocus.

But I digress. The important thing, of course, is what comes out of the kitchen! I love to experiment. I wait anxiously for the reaction on people’s faces after they take their first bite, and keep that in mind while I’m creating. I always say I got really lucky as far as my culinary influences are concerned: I’m of Italian and Spanish descent, both my parents loved to cook, I grew up in Texas, and I spent some time in New England during college. My tastes are far-reaching and I’ll try anything once.

That said, my favorites will always be cheesy, garlicky, and/or creamy, and lately I’m loving the spicy/sweet combo. I try (try) to stick to a low-carb diet, but occasionally I falter and give in to something decadent. My food, much like my kitchen, is always fun, never stuffy, and frequently crowd-pleasing. My boyfriend has a finicky 7-year old, so I’m still working on kid-pleasing...

…which is quite the challenge in and of itself.

Come join me in my purple kitchen!