Sorry, guys...

I've certainly been falling short on new posts. It's not for lack of a backlog, that's for sure, but lack of time and resources.

1. I've mentioned before that my camera and Josh's camera both went kaput at separate times - that's a big motivational sap. If I'm forced to take crappy cell phone pictures, I'm less likely to do it. However - hooray! - we're both buying new cameras tonight. For real I promise, no more cell phone photo shoots.

2. I'm knee-deep into Atkins. If you're interested in my Atkins/food philosophy, check out my post about it over at my awesome friend Angela's Atkins Blog, or wait, because one day I'll repost it here. I don't intend to turn this into a low-carb blog, but I will mention it, always, when a dish fits into the guidelines of the diet. Most of my food can be passed off as "real food," as my non-dieting friends call it anyway. But, the occasional sugary treat and baked good will still turn up; fear not!

3. Nashville, where I call home, is inconceivably under water. Our home, including my purple kitchen, was a victim of severe runoff from the saturated ground last weekend. We had water coming in faster than we could get it out, and the recovery has been slow. Fortunately, given the scope of the damage to the rest of this city near and dear to my heart, we've been incredibly lucky. It sucked, and we are certainly damaged and overwhelmed, but could have been a lot worse.

So, I thank you for your patience and assure you I'll be back in the kitchen soon. Thanks for sticking with me!

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