I Don't Believe It

Oh my goodness, I actually have one.

The coveted KitchenAid. Yep, it's in my kichen, courtesy of my brother and Josh. All I'll say is this: I have wonderful, thoughtful guys in my life.

To everyone's surprise, I had no interest in a purple mixer (overkill, in my opinion). Instead, this "pistachio" color fits right in with our purple/blue/green/white backsplash and compliments the purple quite nicely.

So now I'm looking for suggestions. What would be, or what was, the first thing you prepare in your KitchenAid? I'm sure this baby can handle just about anything I can think to throw in it, and I really want to see it in its glory (i.e., not cookies which I could make with a hand mixer).

I'm a bit late with the sentiment, but I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable new year!


  1. yay, your first KithenAid. Whipped cream for hot chocolate. yum!

  2. Thanks for mentioning how cleverly and sneaky we had to be to get it to you. I request an addendum.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    I'm so excited for you, and go Josh & Craig for keeping that a secret! :)

  4. mashed potatoes and bread dough (not together)

  5. I made a ciabatta bread dough...can't wait to see how it turns out!