New Page: What's For Dinner?

More often than not, my dinners are inspired by other bloggers, when I have a chance to read blogs on breaks throughout the day. When I don't have time, I sometimes find myself at a loss. For my own purposes, I think in a year from now it would be helpful to have a comprensive list of everything I cooked and ate over the previous year for those nights that I just don't know what to cook - even listing trips to restaurants, and linking back to blog posts with recipes - if I have deemed the dish blog-worthy, of course.

Additionally, I thought this page may be a better glimpse into my every day, after several comments referred to me as a "rich cook" and asking "how are you not as big as a house?" Because I only post sporadically, what I post is not representative of what I eat every day! When I have a recipe that is special, that is unique or different from what I eat every day, that is when I deem it blog-worthy.

What do you think? Would a list like this inspire your next dinner?

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